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Tropical Ice Boxes, Australian designed and owned and based in Glass House Mountains on the Sunshine Coast, We produce the toughest Australian roto moulded food grade U.V stablised Polyethelene Ice Boxes on todays market as advertised by CHOICE magazine 2010. Tropical Ice Boxes come equipped with advanced refrigeration grade Iso and Polyol insulation, the Super Hinge design which is owned by Tropical, High impact U.V stable poly Fittings, Non slip rubber feet for stability and the good old pracitical loop and button catch.

Ice Keeping: Tropical Ice Boxes have more insulation and thicker walls than most fibreglass Ice Boxes, which means ice lasts longer [ also dry ice compatible].

Strength: Modern technology allows for an Ice Box that will not chip, crack, craze or break.  Made from totally U.V stabalised food grade Polyethylene give these boxes their rugged strength.

Price: Save $$$... spend less for quality and performance in our Factory Second Store.